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Or at least feels that way for us. Seriously every part of OGBFF events IRL are so much fun, so here’s what went down at our LA pop up this July.. 

A few months ago, we were thinking “damn, we really haven’t had a pop-up yet” people suggest it all the time in our DMs and it has always seemed like such a good idea, and finally we had the time to plan one. 

The first thing we did was book a space and we used Peerspace which is basically like AirBnb for like photoshoot spaces, or pop-up spaces. We knew we wanted to keep it short and sweet, so we planned to have the pop-up be 4 hours long and gave ourselves 2 hours to set up and 1 hour to take down. 

Then we decided what products we want to have available at the pop up. So we knew we wanted to bring bikinis, some exclusive designs that aren’t available on the site, some stuff from our new collection that would release later that week, and have some ogbff “misprints” to be sold at a hefty discount - because our favorite part of every shopping experience is digging through the discount bins. 

In true OGBFF fashion, the week leading up to our pop-up, our printer (that we use to make all of our garments) stopped working and needed a replacement for one of the parts.. okay FINE.. we scheduled an appointment with a printer technician. Whats next you might wonder? The FedEx delivery of the part failed THREE TIMES, so we kept having to delay the maintenance. We decided Angela needed to go pick up the package IRL. Angela forgets her wallet that day and doesn’t realize until she’s at the FedEx pick-up place. Does she go home and grab her wallet? NO . She’s a woman with a plan, so she comes to the office to grab documents that prove that she should be allowed to pick up the package and somehow manages to obtain the package full of parts. We call the technician, and let him know he can come ASAP and he asks, “so you have both packages from FedEx correct?” We sure DIDN’T…we only had 1. ANYWAY, long story short - the printer wasn’t working until the Friday before the pop-up and then sweet Simona ( our employee that is in charge of all things printing) got to work making a few things for the pop-up. 

Fast forward to the day of the pop-up. Here is what is stuffed inside Lauren’s car: 

2 foldable tables

3 clothing racks

1 Dyson fan

1 iced oat milk latte

Her puppy Mischa

1 bag of hangers

1 foldable changing room

2 bags of ogbff clothes

1 box of discounted items

2 avocado toasts (for her & Angela)

1 folder with our PayPal QR code & our price sheet

And little miss Angela is on the way with some more hangers and all of the DJ equipment.

To our surprise as we were setting up.. A LINE WAS FORMING outside. For OUR pop-up, our little brand with all our silly little clothes prompted people to line up in the LA summer heat. The pop up finally started and boy was it PACKED the first 30 minutes. Our friend DJ’d the first 2 hours and established an astonishing vibe. Then at 1pm Kae arrived with 8 bottles of natural wine that they hand selected for our crowd. We DJ’d the rest of the event (with the help of some friends), so add DJs to the list of random things we do. The rest of the pop up was just full of friends, fun, dogs, moms and shoppers with great taste. We sold WAY more than we were expecting and had more fun than we’ve had all year. We can’t wait for our next pop-up, but it wouldn’t be OGBFF if there wasn’t an element of surprise. So let us hit the drawing board and figure out how to add some shock value to our next event, and you better believe it will be fun!


Check out some of our favorite photos from the pop up!

Pictured OGBFFS Simona wearing her Hot Person at Work shirt

OMG Just realized the girl she's helping is wearing the same shirt. being the most talented DJ ever

...our official debut as worlds greatest DJs

Till next time LA! <3 

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