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(more pics at the end) 

There is so much going on at OGBFF right now. New visions, new ideas, new methods…we are definitely entering a new era, and it’s so exciting. 

So far this is what our new era is looking like:

  • we DJ now 

  • we’re working on a cut & sew collection

  • we are paying close attention to the images and language that we use to define OGBFF

  • oh, and we’re planning an official NYC pop up. 

OGBFF has grown into something that we’re both so proud of and we still feel so new to everything. In an attempt to really share with you how it feels for us, we’re both gonna let you inside our minds for a sec… 

Angela: It’s so wild to look back and see the growth of our brand in just this last year. I feel so lucky to be running beside my best friend through it all. Lauren just went on (a much deserved) vacation actually, and I really felt the weight of all we’ve accumulated for the first time. It’s unbelievable to think about how far we’ve come together in such a short amount of time. There’s no way I could be doing this without her. Not to mention, I’d probably be really bored.

I can't believe I found a creative partner with the same drive, good looks, and interests that blend so perfectly with mine.

Funny enough, I don’t think either of us got into this looking for a “partner” or a “brand”, it just happened that way. At our core I feel like we’re just two girls hanging out. As I’m sure someone wise once said, “Don’t think, don’t try, just do.” 

Everyday we show up and practice just that. How could we not when we’re having so much fun?

I wish I could make Tik Toks every second showing specifically everything we’re up to, but sometimes it’s nice to sit back and write about it all instead

Lauren: I always think back to when Angela and I were first becoming friends and making things together because at that time I was so sure that I didn’t want a brand. I told Angela constantly that it wasn’t something I was interested in and then one day, it just all clicked and my mind was changed forever. That feels like ages ago. When I look back, sometimes I cringe at things that we posted early on, and then it makes me feel really good because I see how much we’ve grown.  

I’m not sure if a lot of people understand that we are making it all up as we go. I didn’t know what LLC stood for until about a year ago. And I definitely had never paid business taxes. We just show up to the studio each day and figure out what needs to be done. I always call Angela my creative soulmate and I really mean it. My creative persona is not always easy to digest..l definitely possess some characteristics that could make for a difficult partner, but Angela is literally my complimentary angle bitchhhh!  When I wax, she wanes…when I ebb, she flows!! The things I don’t know how to do, she does with excitement and precision. WE ARE A TEAM! What we have is so fragile and precious, and I am constantly struck by how well it works.


Anyway, back to our new era!! Here’s what to expect. We’re devoting so much time and energy into our 2023 collection, making sure every piece is exactly how we envisioned it. Then it’s time to create the whole universe and find a way to describe it to you all in images and words. We can't wait to reveal it all. This blog is just a check in to update everyone about how excited we are, and how grateful we are for all of you.  

Before we close the chapter on our current era, here are some of our favorite OGBFF moments from the past year.


I don’t know if we ever really talk about it, but we made this DUMP HIM graphic early on that was made completely of pictures of bald actors. Like you could really tell from afar, but if you look up close, it’s just all these random dudes faces.


Our iconic photoshoot with Chessa.


Working hard out of Laurens apartment.


Finally moving into our very own studio!



Starting our OGBFF Playlist

Starting our OGBFF Blog! This one in particular with Dana Donnelly is hilarious.



Devon Lee Carlsons iconic Mini Skirt moment.


When Deto Black came by the studio.


Our first NYC pop up at Tired Thrift



Our official OGBFF pop up we put on all by ourselves in Echo Park.


Working with Stolen Besos 


When Emma Berson shot Cailin Russo in the OGBFF bikini



Emma Chamberlain reaching out to tell us how smart and cool we are.



Our first reworked collection shot by Clare Gillen!


Our collab with Hollywood Gifts 99.


Big Al asking strangers what FTG means in Venice Beach.


Our first viral meme moment.


Us trying to explain what cancelled adjacent means.




OGBFF doesn't have a single shirt where they need to be doing this. 


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