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Cowboys of Habit x OGBFF

Cowboys of Habit x OGBFF

Cowboys of Habit x OGBFF collab is officially here!

Now let's hear from the girls who created it all. Introducing Han of Cowboys of Habit...

 HAN: Let’s set the scene - it’s a Monday morning and you’re in the mood to micro-manage. You slip on your Cowboys of Habit x OGBFF mini skirt and logo tee, your favourite platform mules and head to the office, ready to tower over your 40 year old manager and slurp your $12.50 iced coffee in his face.



Working with OGBFF on this was a dream come true, 11/10 would do it ALL again. I think for both of our brands, fashion is as deep as wanting to look hot, we’re not saving lives. We wanted to develop something fun and fitting to our signature styles, that would leave our cult following of girls and gays wanting more. Fast forward to 2030, I’m excited to see our work in an installation at MoMa.

You know the OGBFF girls have opinions and thoughts on the collab as well...

LAUREN: Cowboys of habit is one of the few brands I am familiar with that have a really distinct voice online. I can tell that whoever is running that page is extremely funny IRL, and then when I go to the site, I’d actually wear every piece on it.


OGBFF doesn’t do a lot of collaborations, but we knew we wanted to do one with COH. The skirt idea came first. We both really love her all over print skirts and the mini skirt was such an iconic piece for OGBFF so doing an all over graphic miniskirt Felt like the perfect way to mesh the two of our brands. A few weeks after designing the skirt together and Hannah completing the shoot, everything looked amazing but we decided we should also release a shirt along with the skirt. The phrase was decided, short and to the point, “I’m not bossy, I’m a bitch” and we went with a simple graphic style. AND THE SHIRT LOOKS AMAZING. We used a different printing process to make these, so they’re screen printed, not DTG. I can’t wait to see all the bitches out there in the world wearing this.  

ANGELA: I remember the day Lauren came in and enthusiastically told me we had a call with Han of Cowboys of Habit. Hans brand is so fresh and distinct, when you look at her site you can immediately understand her vibe, and personally, I wanted it all.  


COH isn’t far off from OGFFS DIY ethos, the designs blasted on her garments are all edited images of Han herself in different scenarios and makeup. It’s giving high level art of the likes of Cindy Sherman or Nadia Lee Cohen. After a couple of zooms and getting to understand one another, we all established the vibe as “business in the front party in the back”. Perfect for every hilarious niche girl boss like ourselves. 

We knew we needed a skirt and a baby tee apart of this collection, and we all got to work and did our thing. Han took the appropriate photos necessary for a next level skirt, and we delivered a graphic fit for a business casual baby tee.

This collaboration is the perfect love child of OGBFF x COH and after months of planning we’re so excited it’s finally put out into the world~ 


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