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Hello and welcoome to 2023 I am Harmony this post is being made from me at my clmopuyrt ewith fart ooo long nails. My typing will not be perfect but. It will be vibey

Tooday I will be discussing what will be pummeling me forwsaqrd this year

1. Something that I believe will be driving me forward this year is nightmares. I had a dream last night that I was at an unnamed person that I knows show at a stadium downtown and someone I used to party with as a teenager was playing in their band. In the nightmare I was also devastatingly unsuccessful. I woke up not only in. A state of fright but in a frenzy. I rushed to my barre class with a strong Russian man as my substitute (I was late) and simply considered walking out as my mental wellness felt deeply questionable.

2. EARLY 20TH CENTURy clothes and film . If I cant be Marilyn Monroe I will watch her until simply as if by default that we merge into one life force of blonde curvaceous ness. I watched some like it hot and it changed my life n ocap.

3. Delicious food. Eating disorders are simply boring. I have been anorexic before and balance is way sexier and more fun and oomg I actauyll started having (AT THE RISK OF TMI) Regular movements ~ k like. I was convinced that I had sibo or something ( and hey maybe I still do but starving myself was not helping the whole thing lykkeee;;; ) also the other thing about being like soo ed girly is that u actually fuck w your hormones and then u get bad anxiety
and intrusive thoughts (or at least I do lmao) so like yea no thanks babes back too the chow.

Some favorite restaurants:

-Dupars - at the grove . Amazing pancakes . i like the blueberry pancakes personally. And hash browns sooooo yummy delicious Like wow.

-Any frozen yogurt is mega delicious . Underrated in our current era. Inevitably going to become popular again with early oughts indie getting more popular. Just trust me froyo is up next fr.

-Cafe gratitude has the best açaí bowl in Los Angeles. They put this amazing ginger syrup pn it its genuinely pscho deliciu7s.

-Another oof my favorite acai bowls is riozonas açaí in the valley. Just trust me y’all

-Bluestone lane is my fav coffee - I know this is basic but they genuinely have the yummiest decaf latte which is the only coffee I can drink (and I can only very rarely) (if you have anxiety I recommend quitting caffeine and alcohol)

-Musso and franks chicken parm is simply controversially good

-Loupiotte on Vermont has dankest breakfast and pastries

-Chaumont on beverly drive best croissant in LA.

-Little Doms also has amazing chicken parmigiana

-Mother wolf has best oxtail meatballs on the planet earth. Its insane . Expensive, but decadent, such atmosphere

4. Accepting location. Hey I know this is weird but you know I'm accepting that there are moments where rest and reseting is required. And its okay to just do nothing and be no one in conjunction with no one else, just in ur own aisle of vacant pleasure and experience. Hedonism or lack of joy is okay. There are moments where absolute devastation is necessary. Only through absolute acceptance can we move into our greater arcs, eras, and self concepts

5. Sanrio is so cute always and brings such joy :)

6. Musical theater is just good .........

7. Being overdressed for every occasion. If they say formal, I will take it several miles further, both in vibe and degree of effort. The look will be more dramatic than anyone required but it is simply for the vision of myself I am continuing to perpetuate to myself and myself alone.

8. Being botched and also being not botched at all are equally valid

9. Casual wisdom, accepting and inviting wisdom from unexpected sources even sources you typically reject is like the sexiest thing to me now and I think into forever. Accepting the genius of all things. Even ppl you have distaste for or consider unintelligent have some wisdom to offer - how can I source it? Its like getting water from a coconut- which im sure was unexpected upon initial discovery. I'm looking forward to making everyone into my teacher even if I hate them.

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