Patrick Saunders is a true OGBFF. Just take a look at his instagram, and you will see how his irresistible aesthetic, combined with our ability to print whatever we want on a t-shirt, would make for a hilarious garment. Patrick drove down to the OGBFF studio in early July, with a powerpoint, multiple notes, and a very specific vision for a Halloween Party that we could sell merch to promote. We were sold, and here we are in October planning our first REAL PARTY. 

We asked him a few questions about the shirts he designed; read his answers below!

OG: Why do you love Halloween?
PS: I love Halloween because it makes me feel comfy, my dad was always into it and I think it’s probably our biggest bond. I wish I had a better answer but it just makes me feel at home

OG: What made you approach us to make these shirts?
PS: First I love you guys, second I wanted this Halloween to feel extra special by creating something I can share with people and rmbr the year by

OG: How did you come up with these designs?
PS: My bf and I were watching old monster high clips on YouTube don’t ask. Anyway one of the main characters Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula and we both just kinda had a realization she’s a thot but in the best way like she’s Dracula’s thot daughter? That’s so sick .
Patrick Saunders Halloween Party Merch with OGBFF is available now!
Click here to check it out

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