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Mars in Plastic

Mars in Plastic

I’m Mars a Virgo mermaid princess doll that’s been forced into being a human temporarily. In the time being I have decided to become a fashion icon, diy activist, and a multimedia artist. I’ve seen ogbff since the first month they came out & popped up on my fyp…I knew they would be a hit. I too greatly dislike taking anything seriously & I see that as the symbiotic tie between me & the brand. It’s just about hot girls being hot & getting to wear what we want because it our world & you’re just living in it. 



If you scroll through any of my social media profiles, you can immediately gather that I’m connected to my inner child in all the work I put forth. I constantly think about what they would want & what they weren’t allowed to do in terms of expressing themself. As a child, I grew up in the same Christian school from K-12 & graduated with 12 people that I knew my entire life. It was a starkly different existence than the one I have now. Although there’s a lot of trauma that comes with that & being a queer person in the South, it has been so beautiful to watch myself blossom into the person I always dreamed of becoming. I’ve always loved keeping a journal & I remember finding a line from when I was 16 years old saying how I wished I was one of the people that could turn heads wherever they went because their outfit was so good…a few years later & it’s impossible to go out without being stared at. It all feels so full circle & I’ve learned to appreciate every part of my early life by turning it into inspiration. 

Speaking of inspiration, I feel like my creative cycles run in eras. My first initial launch into the world of social media was when I would make free printable patterns of different tops & attach it to my Instagram bio. I would show people how to make it on tiktok & then get them all to come to my Instagram for the pattern while also sticking around for the outfits I was posting. That was the first time I really saw the power of social media & how quickly things can blow up for you. Last year I was in my custom slip set era. I would go to the thrift store walking out with as many silk shirts, dresses, and skirts as I could find & customize them to whatever designs people requested. It was such a fun process of breathing new life into these old pieces & getting to collaborate with people individually to bring their visions to life. One of those tops even landed me in Vogue with Miss Macy Eleni wearing it for a cover story which was another full circle moment. Currently, I’d say I’m in my Barbie era. Barbie has always been my biggest role model & a figure that represented the femininity that I always desired but was denied. As I’ve come into myself, I realized that she’s still such an important part of my life so I decided to embrace what I love. Barbie is a fun escape that feels safe for me & so many others which prompted me to open commissions for custom dolls via my Instagram dm’s. It all came together after I finished a project I had been dying to complete for so long; the Mars doll. It was such an incredible moment to have myself in Barbie form that I wanted others to have that opportunity & so far it’s been incredible. I’ve made custom Barbie’s for Alex Consani, Marcelo Gaia of Mirror Palais, and a few other exciting collabs I can’t wait for everyone to see soon. 


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