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A Few Pieces Of Mackenzie Thomas

A Few Pieces Of Mackenzie Thomas

Mackenzie Thomas takes documenting her life very seriously. Wherever there is Mackenzie, there is another Mackenzie following her trail writing, gathering, and recording anything that could be important to her story. This means Mackenzie has collected a lot of notable garbage during her lifetime. Here are some pieces that she wanted to share. 
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When I lived in Boston in 2018 I worked at a store for a few months called Flying Tiger Copenhagen. I was fired during the holidays because my boss thought I had a “disturbing face” that didn’t “exude happiness”. The store was located right next to an old shopping mall that had three operating stores, and a photo booth. This is the photo I took in the photo booth immediately after getting fired. 


At the Zankcou Chicken I live near, the machine that gives you your recipe also prints out your signature. Whenever I go I write something notable on the signature line and pin it on my wall when I get home. Sometimes, I write secret messages, other times I just write “awesome”. 


 I ripped this out of a Teen Vogue Magazine in 2016. It’s survived four years of college and one move across the country. The longer I’ve had it the funnier it’s become. The picture is of a now very unrecognizable Grimes, a version of her that I over-identified with the year I ripped it out of Teen Vogue. I miss this version of her. I think I’ll probably frame it soon.



I had a roommate in college that I hated. He was a comedy boy and a big asshole. We got into a massive fight, but before I moved out, I got a pair of scissors and cut a bunch of pictures out of this post-modern design book he was obsessed with when he was at class. I think this is one of the most vengeful things I've ever done, and I don't even like the pictures that much, but if I threw them out I think I would really regret it. 


I was so obsessed with Bill Hader as a tween that whenever my birthday came around the people that loved me had to try their hardest to incorporate Bill into my gift because they knew he was what made me the happiest. This is a card my friend Grace made me for my 13th birthday. I've held onto it for almost 10 years. I'm not obsessed with Bill Hader anymore, but I am obsessed with the period of my life in which he was my everything. 

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