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Interview with Café Forgot founders Lucy and Vita

Interview with Café Forgot founders Lucy and Vita

Café Forgot is an experimental retail store founded in 2017 by Vita Haas and Lucy Weisner. Located at 29 Ludlow St in NYC, Café Forgot carries the works of avant-garde young designers and hosts a variety of events and programming.
Join us at Café Forgot on the evening of November 18th for the opening of our weekend pop-up with OGBFF. SUMMER IN NOVEMBER <3
Café Forgot founders Lucy and Vita Interview each other: 

Vita: What movie that everyone else likes do you hate?
Lucy: Phantom Thread

Lucy: Name a fictional character who would shop at Café Forgot?
Vita: Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life

Vita: Besides Paris, la, Tokyo, London, where would you want to bring Cafe Forgot ?
Lucy: Dover Street Market

Lucy: Who's your favorite designer that we don't carry at CF?
Vita: Puppets and Puppets and Issey Miyake

Vita: What OGBFF T-shirt is the most you?
Lucy: Cancelled adjacent

Lucy: Who is someone you know personally whose style you are obsessed with right now?
Vita: Paris Reid, who used to work at CF. I don't know where she is right now but I miss you Paris if you are reading this. She dresses like if Marissa Cooper from the OC was a poetry teacher.

Vita: If you had to get the name of one sex and the city episode tattooed as a tramp stamp what would you get?

Lucy: "Are we Sluts?" SATC season 3.

Lucy: Blair or Serena?

Vita: Blair 

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