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Keni's Blog Post. Proceed With Caution.

Keni's Blog Post. Proceed With Caution.

I’m Keni. I talk a lot and I love to laugh. I drink more coffee than water sometimes and often forget to brush my hair. My first OGBFF shoot I wore the FTG ( for the girls ) shirt and it was literally 100 degrees. Angela and Lauren edited out my boob sweat and that’s how I knew I was an OGBFF girl. They just get it and will never let you be caught slipping. This is my first time writing a blog post and I probably overshared. Enjoy. 

This is a photo one of my best friends (Victoria Davidoff) took of me smoking a cigarette from my first legally purchased pack.  


10,000 Steps Inside My Head.  

I just turned 21 which obviously warranted a breakdown. Birthdays do that. After my birthday for some reason my OCD got really bad. I can’t look at the ground on my walks right now because if I do, the voice in my head starts telling me that if I don’t step on every leaf my family is gonna die. It’s psychotic, I know. I find myself stepping on the leaves though because God forbid I don’t and something bad happens. I’m not sure what the correlation between turning 21 and an OCD flare up is but that’s what I’m dealing with right now. I haven't been going out too much recently but this weekend I did. I went out. I fell down a flight of stairs because when it’s someone's birthday I am always forced to drink. Knees bruised. I will always commit to a good time though. I am a people pleaser. I learned something interesting about myself. I lie to people I don’t know and I find myself dying on hills I don’t even believe in. I gave a speech about being anti seed oil, how seamoss is good for you, how we should only eat organic and how Erewhon is the promised land. Guess what was in my stomach? Me: A taquito from 7/11. Everything I told these people was a lie. I’ve been to Erewhon a handful of times and yes it’s good but sometimes I like drinking Starbucks and eating In N Out. That’s just the truth. I have a thought that I could be a racecar driver. I have thought this since I was twelve. I have no proof but I just know that if I was put behind the wheel of a car and forced to race I would excel. My 21st breakdown freak out didn't really last long. I should've mentioned earlier that it’s passed and my brain is honestly happy right now. I’m really excited for Halloween. Sadly, Halloween and New Year’s are holidays I build to the f*cking moon and I usually end up wearing an unplanned, ugly costume and talking to people with wandering eyes. Not this year. I’m determined to have the best Halloween ever. I’m not in college but I’m gonna go with my best friend for the day in my sexy Draco Malfoy costume because YOLO. I have a song coming out at the end of the month about a boy who left me and America. I wrote this song when wounds were fresh and now they're closed. I wonder if he’ll think that I'm nuts. Sort of would be okay with that. He was Danish and hot. Kind of a biblical vibe to that one. I think I’m babbling now and probably have done enough oversharing. Bye bye blog virginity and thank you OGBFF. Xoxo.

This is the taquito I ate before I gave the Erewhon speech. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell.


This is the bruise I got from the stairs in the karaoke bar. Happy birthday Conor. 

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