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Don’t Know What to be for Halloween? Be a Meme Page Admin.

Don’t Know What to be for Halloween? Be a Meme Page Admin.


Hi, It’s Sophie, AKA Joan of Arca, your favorite meme page admin. Recently, I learned on Twitter that some people actually want to be @joan.of.arca for Halloween. I’ve never heard of anyone dressing as a meme page admin for Halloween before, but the idea intrigues me. Halloween is just around the corner, and if you need a last-minute costume, why not be a meme page admin? OGBFF, your one-stop-shop for Internet-inspired fashion, and I are partnering to provide you with all the tools you need to get started.

Ironic T-Shirt. 

Unless you’re like me and you have a pile of ironic t-shirts just lying around, you’re going to have to do some searching. I recommend visiting your local Goodwill or Savers and rummaging through their t-shirt aisle. You can usually find something with a weird slogan or a random photo of someone’s dad—and you can’t go wrong with a Minecraft shirt. If you really want to step up your t-shirt game, check out OGBFF’s collection. They have so many great options that will transform you into that chronically-online, Bushwick-based shitposter you follow on Instagram. My personal favorite for this costume is the “Niche Internet Microcelebrity” tee, but the “Instagram is Dead,” “Canceled Adjacent,” “Chronically Online,” and “Flop Era” shirts are all great choices. 



Meme Admin Red 

Some of my shitposter friends have an inside joke about how so many Internet girls have red hair. Although my hair is brown, quite a few of the admins of @mybloodyvirginmary on Instagram have this shade, as well as some of my favorite cultural critics such as Rayne Fisher Quann, Rian Phin, and Ivy Wolk. No need to color your hair—there are plenty of inexpensive wigs available online (bonus points if it has bangs!)


Print Out Your Favorite Meme!

This one is easy. A meme page admin isn’t a meme page admin without a meme. Simply save one of your favorite memes, print it out, and glue it to a letter-sized piece of cardboard for portability. To get you started, here are some of my favorite memes! 

If these ideas inspire any of you, please DM or tag me in photos! I’d love to repost them :)
You can find me on Instagram and TikTok @joan.of.arca, and if you want to hear me talk about news, culture, music, film, and memes, check out my podcast, Based News Network

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