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Emma Berson is the creative mastermind behind the iconic OGBFF Bikini shoot. 
In this blog, she reads us further and explains her top 3 laws of attraction.


EB: When Lauren sent me a DM about an OGBFF shoot on August 9 I started visualizing what it might look like. I had been wanting to shoot for OGBFF and tried thinking about it as if it had already happened. Where did we shoot? What did it look like? Feel like? Smell like??? I knew we were shooting Cailin in the OGBFF string bikini but I wanted to come up with an idea that would click with the brand. This click is something I’m constantly chasing – sometimes it comes easier than others. I actually woke up the next morning with an idea and mocked it up on Photoshop before even getting out of bed. I always mock-up ideas because it helps me visualize and explain (or even decide to shift) the concept.

The idea was to shoot her in an environment that was simultaneously real and digital. My first thought was to bring the “beach” to the beach — bringing digital images of the sun, waves, sand, birds, trash, etc to the beach with the only difference between real & fake being the time of day. I showed Lauren and Angela the shoot idea on a Monday and we shot it that Friday. That whole week I spent visualizing shots and how I’d feel once I got the ones I wanted.

I do a lot of different projects and tend to follow whatever excites me — right now I am definitely most excited about photography and my bags (I’m releasing a new color very soon on I’ve also done freelance graphic design/consulting and jewelry design. (Mini rant: I’ve always felt that creativity is not a specific brain process and instead is much more general. If you’re creative in one field there’s a high chance you’re creative in a couple others. We put too much emphasis on figuring out one lane to be in. Just get in the car and drive bitchhh.)

I think how I visualize projects has helped me execute them better. Positive thinking is powerful and everyone is capable of attracting what they want in life. Here are my 3 Laws of Attraction:


Visualize what you want as if it’s already happening to you. You’re literally living your dreams girl.

You want to start a brand? You saw a stranger wearing your product today.

You want to do a photoshoot with someone? Ugh how’re you going to cut down from 20 final images to 10? They’re all so good it’s tough.


Pretend to text a friend – yes literally type out a text – explaining what just happened to you (i.e. “bffr just saw some guy was just wearing my shirt in Erewhon”)

Close your eyes and think about the feeling of this thing happening to you. And then think about realizing you manifested it. And then think about thinking about that. And so on until your head hurts.


Say something nice to yourself in the mirror every morning and/or night. It’s not cringey or embarrassing. Nobody’s gonna know… How would they know?

Don’t know what to say? I googled some examples and chose my favorites.


“I have the power to shift my thoughts and feelings to manifest a better tomorrow”

“I don’t chase, I attract. What is mine will reveal itself”

“We the best music”


Go to the nearest crystal store and pick out one that looks cool. Try not to focus so much on what their spiritual properties are – get one that is pretty to look at. Then keep it on you at all times.


Open up the maps app on your phone and type in “Crystal.” Pick a place and go! Get yourself something real nice.


Check out some of Emmas work, as she's visualized in Times Square.


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