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Feist is my Taylor Swift

Feist is my Taylor Swift


Hi, it's Lauren (1/2 of OGBFF) and I never have been a Swiftie. In high school I thought it was a personality trait to not like Taylor Swift, but really her music just didn't speak to me. I didn't have my first kiss until high school, and I just never had these quasi-love experiences that were spoken about in Taylor Swift's lyrics. Her music was not relatable to me and I didn't like the way it sounded. Paramore was my favorite band growing up, so Taylor's pop anthem's just couldn't hook my #alt spirit. Let me be clear, I AM NOT A TAYLOR HATER, but I don't particularly like her music (with the exception of Blank Space).

Feist has always been my Taylor Swift. When I listen to Feist's music, the way she speaks about love, loss, and heartbreak makes sense to me despite the fact that I've never experienced it. She writes in a way that makes her pain applicable to situations outside of the context of relationships. This is the power that I think Taylor swift's music has over her fans. If you aren't familiar with Feist's music, she is a lyrical genius and writes in a way so poetic that I genuinely believe if you had never even heard the word "love" you might understand what it feels like after listening to one of her albums. 

The song I included at the top of this blog post is in my opinion the best intro to her music. But you might recognize her song "1234" from this Apple commercial or her song "Limit To Your Love" which was covered and repackaged by James Blake. She has been the soundtrack to many of my failed situationships, and I could listen to her music all day long, and never get bored. 

All this being said, I'm not suggesting that there's only room for one female singer/songwriter in my collection of music, just wanted a clickbait-y and relatable title. DM if you check out her music and like it as much as I do. 

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