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Meet Steak!

Meet Steak!

Hi, OGBFF! My name is Rachael, but people call me Steak. I own a company called St3akw0rld that develops and houses different brands while also leading brands of my own—Hot Lava is one- and it’s the baby I made for my follower base. I’ve been part of the OGBFF universe ever since I met Angela and Lauren, but most recently, we collaborated on a sustainable halter tank, combining both of our chronically-online brand voices in order to highlight ~**creative**~ womxn.

I’m a Leo, so it’s natural that I hate winter and its outfit-crushing capabilities- So, lately Ive been living in our latest fleece drop. I was nervous to make fleece because it seemed like too simple of a concept for our customers but this drop is going awesome.  The graphics are by hot boy artist man @liver_ideas who I am going to get married to June.  Working with Jason is super easy because he really
understands my brand, and gets brand identities in general so I was totally hands off when he put this capsule together.

Hoodies are also great for hiding at the gym…kind of a new habit for me, but the music I listen to when I’m working out is very much the old me in the sense it’s been the same playlist since high school— A lot of master P but also lately, I’ve added some Big Baby Scumbag, Nardo Wick, and connie diiamond And that one Bhad Bhabie song.

Last year, I wrote a memoir that launched at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Most self-published authors only see numbers like 250 in sales, but we’re getting close to 5,000. This isn’t me bragging, this is me telling you not to get in your own way when it comes to your creative work. That, and to get a plug with the people at Celsius, especially if you plan to write a book. A recurring delivery of those brown russet kettle chips from the early 2000s doesn’t hurt, either—I sent an SOS to my group chat last night because I literally can’t stop buying them on amazon and that means im going to hell! You can find links to everything mentioned here, below. Thanks for having me, OGBFF!

Russet Potato Chips
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