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Hot Girls Cry Sometimes by Yung Reaper

Hot Girls Cry Sometimes by Yung Reaper

I’m heather and I am Yung Reaper! We are an LA based brand just like OGBFF. I like to make everyone feel sexy and cute. I have an obsession for one offs and custom pieces. My favorite things to work on are collabs and special secret projects. As soon as I saw “hot person at work” I knew these bitches were gonna b my friend. Then “flop era” ? I was like ok yeah. I like them! I also learned they like me back I think. 

dearrrrr diary  

I’m writing to you from my inferred sauna bag. Wearing a Leo DiCaprio shirt! 

Are most creatives having like a “who am I” struggle going on that is like effecting everyone’s art !?

I have been feeling so weirdly uninspired this whole fucking year, dawg. Being bossy is exhausting. Being hot is exhaustinger. I know you can relate. 

Today I’m gonna try to get lots of sun and heat bc hot things make me happier. 

Things I’m into rn: garlic bread, little shorts even though it’s so cold, white lotus, nap time, grey toned neutrals (yawn idk), soft knit tight slut apparel, chrome, natural looking lashes, long square nails always, jelly nail colors, my bf 

Right now: CHECK OUT OUR WINTER STUFF it’s soft and cute. You can wear it out OR wear it to bed. 

What’s next: I’m going to spend 2023 fucking off in the best way possible and just focusing on myself and the collabs we have coming up. I have a few vacations planned throughout the year so I can aperol spritz my mental health back to wealth !!!!!! We have an Ian charms collab for V-Day, A new boys lie x yung reaper collection coming for spring/summer along with a restock from our last drop including new color ways of our best-sellers, and more to come with Dolls Kill later in the year. 

I’m lucky I get to work with so many of my friends!!!!! That’s it :) 



Be sure to check out Yung Reapers reworks, apart of our next Reworked collection dropping tomorrow!

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