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5 Things in Pixie Rhiannons Bedroom

5 Things in Pixie Rhiannons Bedroom

Hi, I’m Pixie Rhiannon <3 I am a designer, writer, & stylist. My brand Pixie Nightmare- captures my soul, and through reworking garments- transcends into hundreds of pieces of fabric, and pink ribbons. My themes come from my memories being a tumblr girl in 2012.

I’m really so excited about the reworks I’ve been able to contribute to this amazing collaborative rework collection by OGBFF. I love the idea of placing my pink ribbon lacey white princess-esque themes, on such iconic tees.
I’d say the best way to express myself, aside from my garments, would be to share 5 strangethings in my bedroom..

My collection of haunted dolls. Not all pictured. I kinda buy more every day. Tbh- They’re not actually haunted. But they definitely watch over me when I sleep. Not really a bad thing, and I think they all have kind energy to them. I never collected dolls too specifically as a child either, so it’s kinda an out of the blue collection I’ve started. Weirdly though, my first nightmare I can remember having was being chased by dolls like these in a graveyard when I was probably 5 or 6 years old.

I have a note my mother gave me in 8th grade that says “make good decisions, I <3 you” It was funny because I was grounded three months later that evening. It was not even my fault for sure, but I kept that post-it in a shoebox under my bed for almost ten years and now it’s here, with me. Some poetic need to prove that young version of me existed. My mom too.

Behind my nightstand I have a burnt piece of notebook paper. It has a list of present tense affirmations that I wrote last year when I didn’t have anything I do now. They’re almost all true at this time.


I keep a bag of chocolate and strawberry granola under my bed/nightstand. Obvious reasons, take note x


A backwards facing guardian angel over my bed window. A Lilith poster behind that. That’s how I sleep when I do

Pixie Rhiannon
PS new collection soon🎀

Keep an eye out for Pixies reworks dropping this Thursday at 1PM PST

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