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Meet Isabel SK, deadstock driven brand you should know.

Meet Isabel SK, deadstock driven brand you should know.

Meet Isabel SK

Soooo excited to be here on the OGBFF Blog! I am Isabel, my brand Isabel SK uses 100% deadstock goods in an effort to reuse materials that are considered "waste" and make sustainable pieces.
I got to work on some pieces for the upcoming OGBFF Reworks Collection and seriously can't wait for y'all to see them! 
My main thing is to make clothes that are super comfy but always make you look hot, duh. Sustainability is everything to my brand, we only use goods that already exist rather than purchasing or ordering new goods aka work with deadstock materials. Since vintage stuff is always in style, it also adds a level of authenticity to the pieces I make and I feel makes them timeless and iconic, just like OGBFF! 
We have a few collections - cut & sewn pieces all made from deadstock fabric/trim and vintage reworked pieces I call "1 of 1s" So when OGBFF approached me about this exciting opportunity to upcycle their misprints or  what other brands would literally throw in the trash and consider "waste" into 1 of 1 collectable pieces, I was immediately super into it! I absolutely love that so many of us are really thinking about the impact our creations have on the environment and it's always a fun creative challenge to rework something into a new piece. Shout out to all the sustainable hotties who are conscious about their clothing choices, we do it for you! 
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