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A diary entry by Sicko Kittens

A diary entry by Sicko Kittens

My name is Alex. My full name is Alexandra and i am 24.5 years old. This is my personal instagram which i never share but i think i want to start making new friends so i shared it. I made sicko kittens.

Sicko Kittens is my life and i cannot imagine living without it. Most days I don't talk to anyone in person and I sew and listen to music like Crystal Castles, the Sharp Objects soundtrack (my favorite show), and liminal playlists on spotify…..

It is so much fun but sometimes I get lonely and I forget how to socialize in person. I cry every time before I leave to go to a party because I get nervous. This is partly because I do not drink alcohol anymore. I love animals like sheep, hamsters, bees, goats, bears, some types of dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and cats. I want to make animal characters and a new logo. Maybe OGBFF can help me get the word out.

Please email sickokittens@gmail.com if you can create 3D animals like the ones i use in the pics (below) or a pretty logo. I also like liminal style because a lot of the time I feel like I am in a dream and am not real. It can be fun and scary but the best part is I have used it as inspiration to create pretty things.

I like OGBFF a lot and I think they are cool. I like to use periods . and commas ,, when I write on the website and instagram. I think it is very funny and cute. I’m really really excited about my new collection. I think it is the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I could not think of anything cute to make for months and was very sad but then all of a sudden, the ideas came to me! In 3 days I made over 20 pieces! You can shop it on my website ~ sickokittens.com. I make every size.

Here are some pictures of the new collection that I took:

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