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6+ months in the making, and finally this collection is out! We’ve been dreaming about this - like actual panic dreams about the fabric being the wrong color, or our manufacturer not getting everything to us in time, but nevertheless, we persisted. We stressed over EVERY little detail and it all paid off, we are so proud of these pieces. 

We’ll spare you the fun(boring) details, but basically this entire collection was made here in LA. We wanted to make sure all workers who contributed to this project were paid  fair and livable wages and in doing that, we found out this is actually less common than you’d think. Doing things the right way is SO EXPENSIVE, we legit had people be like, “Wait why are you doing it that way? You can just order from ______ and it’s so much cheaper.”, but we are absolutely uncompromising in our beliefs, so we made it happen the right way.

This collection is really important to us, and represents the next chapter of our OGBFF journey. Yes, we are still simple girls at our core, but this new chapter is all about elevating the simple girl, whilst pushing our sexy funny cool agenda.

Here are some fun outtakes of us, planning, designing, trying on, re-designing, running out of money, etc….



before  after
In the name of reduce, reuse, recycle...this tank was born from a rework tank we made earlier this year. We reworked a UR SON IS A HOE t-shirt into a one shoulder tank and loved the way it looked, so we used that tank as a go-by sample. The graphic came from the yellow collard shirt that has been on our site for a year. We didn't feel like the graphic got enough love.
(graphic we re-used)
We decided to use puff paint to screen print this design. The image on the left shows us choosing between 5 and 8 level puff. We went with the bottom option (8) because we wanted it to be really puffy. When it was all said and done and paid for, we got the tanks back and they were WAY too long..
We sent them back and get inchesss taken off the bottom. And then finally, they arrived back and they are perfect !! 


We decided to get a few MINI SKIRTS made in a new, tighter pattern and we LOVED the way they looked. So we sent them to our manufacturer here in LA, and they sent back a batch that looked very different. See the 2 skirts on the left are very much scrunched at the hip, so we sent them back to be fixed and ended up with the sexiest new batch of MINI SKIRTS.
Julia Fox and OGBFF's very own Angela wear the first ever new MINI SKIRTS


Our friend Beanie wears an XXS and it's crazy how it looks exactly how we imaged it would. BUT getting to this point was NOT EASY... this is a pretty technical garment, and figuring out the right pattern was quite the process...

Here is an early sample, and although the material was perfect, the pattern really wasn't hitting, so we made all our notes and sent it back for another sample.
Luckily the second sample was very much sexy, we just had to adjust the size grading so that they would fit tight and have a snatched look. At this point, we still don't know what it will look like with the lace trim and the silk bows. 
THE FINAL PRODUCT ! OGBFF's own Lauren tries it on and ITS EVERYTHING.

100% FAKE

This was just a random hilarious idea that was born in the notes app. We knew it would be cool as a short sleeve tank, but we wanted to make our own pattern as opposed to the easier and cheaper option of just buying grey hoodies and cutting off the sleeves. We quickly decided we wanted this to be a set, so we got to work creating the matching shorts.  


They are very much perfect as you can see, but we learned a lot of lessons along the way making these 2 pieces. We initially wanted the hoodie to have frayed edges, but we chose the wrong type of fabric to fray, so we couldn't. And we love the way the clean edge looks, so maybe it was meant to be.

This is the first sample they sent .. and we were like... in what world is this what we asked for lmao. They separated the graphic, which made it is look weird and then the text was also being covered by the fabric when you folded it over. So we made all the necessary changes:


Once this was updated, the shorts were perfect!


We will continue to share more about the process on IG and TikTok, but before we end this blog, check out the custom tags we made:

One thing about OGBFF is we will never miss an opportunity to tell you that a hot person made your order. 




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