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Star’s 5 Places for Fantasy in L.A. (county)

Star’s 5 Places for Fantasy in L.A. (county)

Meet Star Amerasu! Starting her musical debut in the underground warehouse scene of Oakland, the now Los Angeles based Star Amerasu offers raw talent & hauntingly beautiful vocal technique to her sets with a sense of wit and unmatched doll behavior. She releases music under the moniker 
( Ah-Mer-Ah-Su ) who’s debut album was voted by Billboard critics as top 20 LGBT albums of 2018. She’s currently DJing and focusing on doll behavior, antics, stunts and getting ready to go back to her roots as an actor.

We asked Star to give us her 5 favorite places for Fantasy in Los Angeles and she did not disappoint! If you’ve ever wanted to visit LA, you're welcome, and if you are already an Angelino make sure to check out these spots ASAP.



All photos by, Nic Jara, and Creative Direction by, Star.

Wish tree @ Arlington Garden in Pasadena:

Okay, so at one point I was living in El Sereno; east la hive stand up! I would do these very self-described m.i.l.f. adjacent walks from my neighborhood up to Pasadena to Arlington Garden. The thing about this garden is there are 2 different wish trees here. 1 is kind of ran through in the front and then there’s one in the back with this what appears to be broken and reattached statue of St Francis of Assisi. That’s the one I vibe with. There are hundreds of notes hanging from her branches, pleas from the mundane to the extreme. I tried not to get too much into other people’s wishes, because that felt kind of nosey, and maybe less of a vibe. But one that really stood out to me and made me think this tree must hold some weight in the spiritual realm was this one written big in read. “I wish to be happy” and upon seeing it I started crying. So, I try to come here every so often and tie a wish to this tree and feel my spiritual doll fantasy as often as I can.

The Fountain @ the Americana Brand in Glendale:

Some of us are born mall girls, some are made. Some decide to become. I am the latter. I don’t know exactly when I decided I love the mall. But now, I literally love the mall. I can walk around for hours. Boba, Coffee, especially this mall because they literally have everything. Though one of the craziest things that sounds like fiction, happened in the actual inside part of the mall across the street. Basically, this guy was following me and this other TS friend of mine as we were shopping, and ever the clever, I thought maybe he wants to buy me something. So, I went up to him. Bad move, obvi because. A. he barely spoke English and then we were using a Russian to English google translate app which was not the tea, and then
B. when I realized he was asking me to give him a BJ in the parking garage and he wasn’t going to buy me shit. My stern No was not enough, and he literally chased me and home girl into VS PINK and we had to call security to escort him out. But! I will say I love this fountain because I feel like you can make a wish and there’s a 50/50 chance it may come true and in this economy 50/50 is pretty good odds.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Now I know a lot of girls are goth girls, and I wouldn’t say I’m goth girl. Not even Slytherin vibes. Maybe I’m punk girl vibes. If we are being real, I have had multiple photo shoots in the cemetery. This cemetery for obvious reasons is iconic. Housing the graves of some of Hollywood’s iconic stars of the silver screen Jayne Mansfield is the girl I pray to the most. Known as the “poor man’s’ Marilyn Monroe which as mean spirited as that title is, harkens to iconic personalities like Anna Nicole Smith. I love the idea of wearing your sex on your sleeve and so this is a place to go to say a prayer to Jayne and ask for gift of glamour, sex and power.
also, there’s a music venue here and I have seen some amazing shows. 10/10

Griffith Observatory

I have this walk I like to do, where I start at the bottom of Griffith Park and I go up to the Griffith Observatory, which is very knights of templar vibes. There’s like this ring of statues of Galileo and like other dudes holding swords and stuff. But the real deal is looking at miss Hollywood herself in the distance. What’s more fantastic than the glitz and glamour of the allure of that. I always am in awe about the amount of people there, day after day, I once hiked up on Christmas and it was still full of people speaking in various languages in different looks. All coming to be a part of some magical energy that is only found here in LA. So, I like to look at Miss Hollywood Sign and make a wish, then walk back down the hill, back into my life.

The Beach next to the Pier @ Santa Monica

So, there’s this thing about Santa Monica that’s magical, it’s been the scene of many movies and one of my favorite spots for feeling my fantasy. My fave part of Santa Monica is the Little Gay section of Will Rogers Beach called Ginger Rogers. I was there feeling my Lana fantasy on a blanket with a white claw and a trusted twink, one of my favorite artsy career gays recently, and we were having the time our lives, when we suddenly got into a full adventure with these random Miami muscle gays, and I thought to myself Period, life is fun lol.

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