Summer in NYC is disgusting. The concrete traps the heat which cooks the trash so the city stinks and you stink because you’re sweating and your thighs stick to the subway seats if you wear a skirt or a dress which is all you can wear because it’s sofuckinghot. So, when the leaves start turning and you feel that crispness in the air that means fall has come, it’s MAGICAL. And thus, despite being a Cancer, fall is my season. 

Some favorite things about fall that aren’t just “it isn’t summer?” 

  1. Fall fashion looks absolutely scrumptious against the backdrop of concrete and trash.

  2. The flavors of fall are far superior to those of any other season. I want hardy roasted vegetables and mushrooms and whole grains like farro and I want them now.

  3. Seeing kids going back to school serves as a reminder that I don’t actually want a baby yet my hormones are just trying to trick me.

  4. It’s not winter yet.

  5. OG BFF asked me to write an in/out list for this September, which I have taken as a request for the ultimate guide to fall, an honor I have jumped at the chance to fulfill. 

Please enjoy,




I know I started on TikTok with restaurant and bar recs–but if you’re wondering why I don’t do that anymore… 1. Again, I’m a Cancer…so I don’t like new experiences, I just like going back to the same 10 familiar places that I know and love. Anything I would recommend, I’ve recommended. And 2. Restaurants all suck right now and are also really expensive and, in case you hadn’t heard, we’re in a recession. 

This is all to say: dining out is out. What’s in? Dinner parties. It’s cute to create something. It feels special to bring together your little family of friends and break bread and make those little “who’s getting the most fucked up tonight” tiktoks. Go dancing after or something. But no more spending $100-200pp on a scene ft. $65 bottles of house wine, mediocre food, and meh service. Also, dress codes are key.

There are three appropriate ways to throw a dinner party:

  1. Everyone brings a bottle and a dish. 

  2. You take care of the food, and you ask your guests to each bring a bottle or two. For $30, you can buy a rotisserie chicken, whip up an arugula salad, grab a loaf of sourdough, and 

  3. You take care of everything, and either foot the bill OR venmo everyone, but you have to tell people how much it’ll cost per person in your invitation.


Ok, sometimes it IS fun to dine out, and I recognize that most of us have teenie tiny apartments that are one forgotten crumb away from a pest infestation, so if you don’t wanna do a dinner party, what’s in is going to cheap BYOB restaurants with great food and none of the sceny to-be-seen-at-ness. Edison bulbs are out, fluorescent lights are in.

My top 3 favorites in NYC are:

Cafe Himalaya (East Village)

Abuqir (Astoria)

Super Taste (Chinatown)


I’m really into nurturing my microbiome these days. Fun fact: fuckboys are horrible for your vaginal flora, so they’re out. Another fun fact: there are special probiotics for your coochie, so if you, like me, struggle with a fickle PH balance, I highly recommend the following:

Option 1: Vegan Vag Probiotic 

Option 2: Vag Probiotic (contains dairy)

This other thing that’s not a probiotic but is helpful 

Also not a probiotic but will cure your yeast infection <3 :) <3

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