The day has finally arrived!


To prepare for this drop we’ve made countless memes, had a photoshoot with Stolen Besos, and printed it all behind the scenes. Some of these designs are from the early era of OGBFF, and some were designed as recently as within the last month.

We're so excited to drop these designs, so here’s a little ~origin story~ behind the designs from this collection!

Image by StolenBesos

INSTAGRAM IS DEAD! is a design that is based off the popular “WAR IS OVER” shirt that is decades old. It is a grim proclamation of disinterest that reflects the currently state of social media. Of course we’re still on IG, but the nature of the app has definitely changed since its glory days a few years ago and I for one, am absolutely spending more time on TikTok. 


Image by StolenBesos

Party Girl is another graphic that is about a year old. This was something that my hilarious younger sister said to me on FaceTime, and it just sounded so ridiculous, but also relatable so I ran to photoshop and the graphic just hid in my Photoshop cloud for a year and decided to resurface for this dress. Which I might add is THE PERFECT HOT WEATHER DRESS. It feels like you’re just wearing a long tank top. 

Image by StolenBesos

Chronically Online is one of those things that you can’t describe without using the phrase in the description. We think Chronically Online is funny because we’re Chronically Online, and other people that are Chronically Online will relate to this because they are also Chronically Online. Being THIS online definitely creates a shared sense of humor and a unique sense of community. 

Sorry Ladies is an OG OGBFF graphic that we worked before we were even a brand. It’s a take on gas station apparel and randomly aggressive relationship tees. (Like it or not, it's hilarious.)


Image by StolenBesos

Thoughtless is just a gorgeous one word graphic that is meant for those of us that tend to be a bit head empty. OGBFF loves a one word graphic. Less is SOMETIMES more. 


Is there anything else you'd like to know about our processes behind the scenes? DM or email us and let us know so we can include it in our next blog post! 

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