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Images by Claire Gillen


From the beginning, we’ve been figuring it out on our own, and have always led with what we feel is true to us. Being involved in Fashion we feel strongly about having the lowest levels of waste possible.

We always want to be conscious of the waste we produce, so we can be apart of the solution not the problem.

At OGBFF we hand print each design, so there will be times when prints will be crooked, the ink will drip, or any other number of small issues you could possibly run into. So over the last couple of months we held onto it all, and reached out 6 LA based brands asking them to help upcycle these. They all insanely delivered, and we love each new perspective on these existing designs. 

All of these brands appreciate and participate in sustainability within their own brands as well. We asked them what sustainability means to them and why it’s important. Get to know them, and read their answers below.

The reworked collection is live now.



Images from Left Hand LA's rework collection

LH: Sustainability is important because fashion is the number one most wasteful industry in the world. Everything that was made before 2005, is 10 times better quality than things that are made today. So Why not use resources that we already have, and just keep recycling them! Everything can be made into something else.




Images from Lifers Reworked Collection

LIFER: Sustainability is important to me because there's too much trash in the world and I like the challenge of turning trash into treasure. I also prefer thrifting to buying new because I like my clothes used and haunted by their previous owners.



Images from Ratstars Reworked Collection

EMMA: With millions of clothing going into landfills yearly, upcycling and recycling clothes is something we should all be doing to help our planet! Cutting up, patching, sewing, distressing whatever you can do to continue to make that piece of cloth wearable again is helping! Lets give these shirts another life and lets make it cute while we're at it <3




Images from Plagueground's Reworked Collection

MACK: Up-cycling means everything in my life since I can remember. Walk into my apartment and if you ask me where something is from, it’s either the thrift store, estate sale, or my friends grandmas closet (or my friends closet). It’s important to me because we are saving materials that would eventually end up in landfills.  Essentially I appreciate a hand crafted item rather than a fast fashion piece for many reasons. In my job I’m able to work with clothes by up- cycling old scraps from previous collections or giving a new meaning to an old piece. I was so excited when Angela and Lauren texted me about this project, being able to turn misprints into a statement piece maxi skirt and baby tee is exactly what up-cycling should be! 





Images from Billie's Reworked Collection

BILLIE: There’s so much to be created with existing pieces & vintage fabric! Tons of water waste is created from fast fashion. Upcycling an old piece into something new, can make something really special you’ll keep & love forever! There’s so many vintage materials and cute prints sitting around that you could give a whole new life to.



Images from Blondita at OGBFF's Reworked Collection
ANGELA: The clothes you wear, and the way you express yourself is so important and fulfilling for everyone. Knowing exactly where that garment came from and who made it is so special. When I wear something handmade it makes me feel so cool because I know no one else has anything like this, and I'm not participating in the rat race that is fast fashion. Lauren and I found it very important to not just throw away any items that were deemed 'imperfect', we knew there was a place for these pieces, and it was so awesome to see it all come to life!
Images from OGBFF's reworked collection

LAUREN: Sustainability at OGBFF is knowing each person that touches an ogbff product before it’s shipped out and knowing that they’re paid fair wages. In addition to caring for each garment, we don’t over produce. For the most part we make only what is ordered with vary little excess. 

And because we’re making these ourselves, we know that each piece is made sustainably.

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