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22 Things I Thought Of While Sewing by Nathan Hoyle

22 Things I Thought Of While Sewing by Nathan Hoyle

Meet Nathan Hoyle

Here are 22 thoughts he had while creating pieces for our upcoming Reworked Collection.

1. straight pins in my mouth 

2. sometimes i crave a hangover because it’s the only thing that will make me chill tf out

3. i went through a horrible mustache era in 2017

4. saying vinage instead of vintage

5. saying pussy or cock having 

6. saying L or G or T instead of lesbian gay or transgender….no shade to the other letters 

7. fuck driving!! too scary 

8. i won best dressed in HS…just saying 

9. corn on the cob is fierce!! country girls make do! 

10. ethel cain’s 9th commandment (get high and see a movie alone) is an absolute no for me

11. let’s give it up for the expired twinks

12. fighting isn’t cute 

13. i’m a gentrifier :/ 

14. i love hot chip 

15. my fingers are disgusting that’s why i wear pretty rings to draw attention 

16. my group chat “gay_bees_with_assholes_LLC” has my heart  

17. my pee smells like canned chicken post cold brew 

18. slim jim’s are delicious  

19. i recently learned you aren’t supposed to have sex for 6 weeks after giving birth..that’s sucks!!!! 

20. i love my home, my fiancé, and our kitty janet 

21. this is the first time i’ve been on a computer in monthssssss 

22. hey google play #thatPOWER by and justin bieber

 Check out Nathans Reworks in our upcoming collection, dropping December 15th at 1 PM PST!!!!

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