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The Unpredictable Romantic by Adriana Sahar

The Unpredictable Romantic by Adriana Sahar

Meet the fabulous designer part of our Reworked Collection Adriana Sahar

I'm Adriana Sahar, also known as Adriana or Sahar..I'm one of those girls who says whatever she's thinking & does whatever she wants. Some would say I'm a rebel, or quite the risk taker. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with OGBFF, the work felt so suitable to me & i became obsessed with the brand! In all my years of living i can truly say that my love life has a cycle of unavailable men, taken men who want a thick girl to just rock their word, or men who are just flat out intimidated by a woman like me.

There's no in between really here in my world. So as i see the pattern of unavailable men in my city of angels I just take a break and focus on the things that do matter to my art, my health, getting the sexiest body of my dreams (stay tuned) and loving the people who make my life special and amazing. I also love to pour my tragic romance into my art and designs, so hope you enjoy! XOXO 

Check out Adrianas designs in our next Reworked Collection, Dropping 12/15 at 1 PM PST! 

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