For those still in the dark, Deto Black is an it girl who coexists in both the fashion and music spheres. Showcasing the most forward thinking apparel while simultaneously creating progressive club music. We currently have her song Betterrr on repeat at the office.
We met her a couple months ago when she showed up to our DTLA studio. At the time we didn't have any AC in our studio so it was essentially a hot box. Despite the sweltering conditions, Deto was beyond chill and we all kicked it like we’d known each other for years. She is so down to earth and cool to her core, we all should be taking notes. 
If you’re trying to catch her live, she has her first upcoming show in London on August 18th. We are so excited to have her apart of The Blog, get to know more about her sensibilities and interests in our Q + A with her below!
Deto is pictured wearing the OGBFF mini skirt and a custom top from OGBFFs first collection 
OG: To start things off, where are you from? And where are you currently based?
D: I’m from Lagos Nigeria and I move between Lagos and London 
OG: How did you start making music? Which musicians did you look up to when you were younger?
D: I kinda started making music randomly, my friend Odunsi played a song and I was like Yh let me get on that lol
Nicki Minaj, Kelis Rihanna and Lil Wayne 
OG: That’s so cool, so you were meant to be an Artist! Do you remember that first song you made with Odunsi? What were some of the lyrics?
D: the first thing was body count and I think the most memorable line is ‘Sagittarius so you know that I’m a freak’ people love astrology these days 
OG: What in fashion and music is inspiring you at the moment?
D: I think the blend of both fashion and music is the most interesting to me both are such a big part of my life and I just left pfw and I see how now more than ever the two worlds are merging 
OG: In what ways do you find them similar? We agree there is a lot of crossover.
D: they’re both a form of expression I see them both as art 
OG: What is the ultimate song of the summer to you?
OG: OK A BOP. You have such taste 🤌
OG: What album have you had on repeat recently?
D: Partynextdoor 
OG: Is there a song in particular you feel inspired by?
D: very tough to answer cause I literally know the lyrics to every track but may ‘tbh’
OG: What’s your favorite OGBFF design?
OG: Can you share with us your experience about visiting the OGBFF HQ. We apologize again for how hot it was haha 
D: I’m from Lagos so I’m used to the heat lol I’m also really happy I met you guys you guys just get it! It’s also really nice to meet women in my generation that are bosses 
OG: What are your plans this summer?
D: I have my show in august and so that’s taking up all my energy right now 
OG: Oh yes we’re so excited for that too! Detos show is on August 18th at The Pickle Factory in London. How do you prepare for a show? Do you have any guidelines you follow leading up to a performance?
D: usually I just practice in the mirror but this time it’s a lot more planning and practice I want it to be an EXPERIENCE 
OG: What’s one fact about you that would surprise people?
D: I have photographic memory 
OG: We’re constantly so impressed by you. Thank you so much for answering these questions with us. If you’re in London you can buy tickets to Detos upcoming show on August 18th here

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